"El más PRODE" is a platform that arbitrates your soccer predictions in different groups. You can play with friends, your family or work colleagues and each group will have its own leaderboard.

How to take part?

Simply create an account, then a group and invite other participants via Whatsapp or copy the invitation link and send it by email. Then log in to upload your forecast before each match starts.


You can load your forecast even before the match starts. Then, in the results section, you will find the score of each match that will change live goal by goal.

If you have many groups, you can predict different results in each one by placing more risky or conservative bets depending on the score you have in each group. Press the button (differentiate bet by group) located under each match in the predictions section.


For each game where you hit the exact result you add 10 points; If you score a winner, loser or tie, you add 5 points and 2 additional points if you hit the goals of at least one team. If you did not find the winner but you hit the goals of one of the two teams, you add 2 points as a consolation prize.

During the elimination phase, only the goals of the 90 minutes of the match plus extra time will count, PENALTIES DO NOT COUNT.

What do we bet?

The most PRODE will only manage the score of your groups, the bets are on you.

Is the most PRODE free?

It is free for groups of up to 7 people. We believe that more may come from business use of the platform. In this case you can create your groups and predict but the ranking will be conditioned to the payment of the service through MercadoPago. The price will vary according to the number of users.

Contact us

Write us at info@elmasprode.com.ar and we will clarify all your doubts.